Perfect Wayne!

Yesterday the #NRA called for armed police in every school in America. Okay. I ran the numbers.

$22,820,413,712 per year.

That’s $23 billion a year.  Every year. Not including costs dedicated for startup and training.


  1. Total Number of US K-12 schools in 2010 (National Center for Education Statistics): 132,656
  2. Number of Armed Police Officers per School: 2 (Assume extra curricular activities & summer school are worth keeping safe).
  3. Median Police Salary in 2010 per Bureau of Labor Statistics: $55,010 not including benefits (assume 1.35 increase for benefits)
  4. Cost of Shared Police Patrol Vehicle: $45,000
  5. Cost of two sets of  Anti-AR15 personnel armor: $19,000

Oh how silly of me. I forgot to include the costs of their new firearms. Clearly they must at least have an AR-15 to at least equal the firepower of their enemy combatant. How much is one of those? $1500 each. So 2 for each school. Plus ammo at $125 a box (let’s say four boxes) a school, so that adds $3500 per school (conservatively).

This adds another half a billion to cost ($464,297,000). Nice windfall for the gun manufacturers and their lobby, the NRA, eh?

OOPS.  The NRA mentioned “volunteer” guards as an option.  What a lovely scenario!  The evil government will get amazing reliable accountable professional dependable security, equipment, vehicles, and man-hours FOR FREE and wont have to spend a taxpayer dime, but the volunteers will still have to purchase the AR-15’s and ammo for the cool half a billion.

Perfect Wayne! Well played.


Women For Mitt


Opportunity Rolls

Mitch McConnell said this last night:

“I’m hoping that the states will take advantage of the option not to add massive numbers of new people to the Medicaid rolls. I’ve had a couple of town-hall meetings in hospitals this week and I’ve had a number of them over the past year. In Kentucky, we can’t handle the Medicaid patients we already have. Our health-care providers are completely distraught at the notion that, in my state for example, 400,000 people would be added to the Medicaid rolls, with 30 percent of Kentuckians receiving free health care. They can’t handle it. They can’t handle the Medicaid they have now and they certainly can’t handle this. I don’t know what our state government will decide to do, but some governors are saying “thanks, but no thanks,” now that they have the option.”

Shorter: Busy doctors > dying kids

1. Anyone busy at work is extremely fortunate.

2. I am so ashamed of our nation when these views about the disabled and poor are taken so seriously. I was also stunned that he can’t see a great job creating opportunity right in front of his face. Hello? Nurses, Doctors, EMTs?

3. I fucking hate the word “rolls.”

Steve and Rupert

“You’re blowing it with Fox News,” Jobs told Murdoch. “The axis today is not liberal and conservative, the axis is constructive-destructive, and you’ve cast your lot with the destructive people. Fox has become an incredibly destructive force in our society.”

Prosecution = Reform

The people who are responsible for our current economic calamity are counting on the citizenry of United States to discuss the issue as a debate between Left and Right, Tea Party versus Occupy, Socialism versus Capitalism. The real perpetrators have been dancing with glee as they silently creep away into the night with the American Dream. And trillions of our cash.

Government policies did not cause this crisis. Criminals did.

And the FBI warned it was coming in open congressional testimony in 2004 that it was coming.

The S&L crisis in the 80s was the largest financial disruption in half a century. It removed $150 billion dollars from the economy and citizens of the United States. The Office of Thrift Supervision referred 10,000 cases to the Justice Department which in turn brought felony fraud charges against the most egregious individuals and companies. DOJ prosecuted them with over 1500 FBI agents to bring these criminals to justice and to recover the stolen funds which made them wealthy. The United States won over 90% of these cases and won over 1000 felony convictions. And 600 elite corporate investment criminals actually went to jail. It shook the highest levels of government.

The 2008 financial crisis was 70 times larger than the S&L crisis, and was the largest economic blow to the nation since the Great Depression. It removed —$11 trillion dollars— of wealth from the economy and the citizens of the United States, leaving almost 50 million people in poverty, 10% of Americans unemployed, millions of retirement funds wrecked, and millions of small businesses shuttered. The Federal Housing Finance Administration has testified there is a documented paper trail showing that the 17 largest financial institutions in this country committed systematic mortgage lending fraud and financial trading fraud from 2004-2008. However, the Office of Thrift Supervision has referred —zero— cases and the Justice Department has brought —zero— charges against these 17 banks and their corporate executives for these frauds. The FBI has only 135 agents assigned nationally to these types of crimes, and they are focused on small street crime level local banks. The funds which made these corporate investment banking criminals wealthy have not been recovered, while our children’s’ generation is obliterated.

No wonder Americans of all shapes, sizes, creeds, and party feel so strongly that something is seriously wrong.

What these 17 investment banks did wasn’t capitalism. It was theft.

These weren’t reasonable legal financial bets that just went bad, it was criminal fraud. Yet with no personal accountability, the largest banks in the land have been shown that there is no incentive to change their ways. How many lives will be crushed next time….200 million? How many small businesses will fail? How many children destitute? How many hopes dashed?

They appear to us as if they are Too Big to Prosecute.

Personable accountability matters. Whether you are red or blue, a fraud is a fraud. A leech is a leech. A crime is a crime. Prosecute them. And get our money back.

We are to believe our fiscal stability is better now, with our financial institutions run by frauds and criminals? That everything is fine? That we should still trust them with our-hard earned money?

They expect the American people to stand by mindlessly and fork over our cash, our retirements, and our children’s futures to cover their losses. They expect us to live out the damage. They expect us to forget, because they think the American people are lazy and stupid. That yet again, they are the smartest ones in the room.

Health care? Important. Environment? Important. Domestic energy policy? Important. War? Important. But small potatoes compared to an $11,000,000,000,000 body slam affecting every corner of our nation.

They think Occupy are a bunch of young hippies.

These culprits are counting on us bickering between our two movements, instead of focusing directly on them and working together to bring them to justice for the largest crimes in the history of our great republic.

If we don’t, they will continue to laugh at the American people…all the way to the bank.


I Hear America Weeping

Today across this land, tears are being shed by the shoemaker, the mason,
the carpenter, the housewife, the custodian, the programmer, the teacher,
and the child. They are being shed when we hear the sounds of our great
American family tearing itself asunder. These unrelenting tears flow
silently as we look upon our neighbors and watch the destruction of the
American Dream.

We look upon our neighbors and weep when when we see them suffer attempting
to heal their children with medicines that are unattainable. We cry as we
read our friends’ bigoted emails forwarded from a dark unspoken place. We
weep as the children of prosperous white boomers build Fortress Prosperia
around their spoils. We ache as the fortunate deride the masses as lazy,
dirty, and unworthy. We cry tears of frustration as the random circumstance
of our birth determine now more than ever the future of our families.

A part of us dies when we are told we do not want to work. A part of us
dies when we are asked to pay for the chalices in the board rooms. A part
of us dies when we are asked to believe this is our fault. A part of us
dies when a teacher and a nurse cannot afford to eat. A part of us dies
when our children are encouraged to get a college education in order to
secure their future, only to be accused the minute their mortar board hits
the ground that they are living an irresponsible lifestyle with their huge
outstanding debt. And a part of us dies when our children’s enthusiasm to
make the world better is eroded in the unemployment line.

Our heads hang in shame as we see our fortunate neighbors live lives of
ingratitude to their forebears. Our heads hang in shame as they believe
their own press, and ignore the benefits their parents received when
America invested in education, concrete, and steel. Our hands tremble with
fear each day as we drive to work knowing we are moments from destitution.

Our hands tremble with fear as the angry evangelists spread a gospel of
exclusion across our soil. Our heads hang in shame when we smell the stench
of their thinly veiled racism. Our hands tremble with fear when we are
honestly asked to consider leaders who believe that the Dream is best
achieved by establishing a our own radical hateful theocracy that rejects
science and math.

We cry tears of rage as we are asked to accept systematic upward
redistribution of wealth, but are called names when we ask for systematic
downward balance. We cry tears of rage as we are asked to believe we have
had the same fair shot as the fortunate.

Our hearts strain as we do unto others, and are cast aside as addicts of
the state. Our hearts strain with sorrow as the meek inherit nothing but
scorn. Our hearts strain as we dream of the soaring American rainbow, yet
we are told there is only one true color. Our hearts ache as we raise our
eyes to see the glory, only to gaze upon the mountaintop rising from a
walled promised land.

Our hands yearn to make, to build, and to create. Our appetite for
processing, trading, and repackaging is sated. Our admiration of the money
changers has ended. We see things clearly now, and understand the math.

Our hands yearn to create five dollars of wealth with a one dollar swing of
our hammer like we did after the war, for the common good. Our minds know
that our sweat and our creativity is worthy of investment. We long for

I hear America weeping, and all I can do is pledge to do my part. To
prevent life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness from becoming alienable
before my children’s eyes.