Monthly Archives: July 2012

Opportunity Rolls

Mitch McConnell said this last night:

“I’m hoping that the states will take advantage of the option not to add massive numbers of new people to the Medicaid rolls. I’ve had a couple of town-hall meetings in hospitals this week and I’ve had a number of them over the past year. In Kentucky, we can’t handle the Medicaid patients we already have. Our health-care providers are completely distraught at the notion that, in my state for example, 400,000 people would be added to the Medicaid rolls, with 30 percent of Kentuckians receiving free health care. They can’t handle it. They can’t handle the Medicaid they have now and they certainly can’t handle this. I don’t know what our state government will decide to do, but some governors are saying “thanks, but no thanks,” now that they have the option.”

Shorter: Busy doctors > dying kids

1. Anyone busy at work is extremely fortunate.

2. I am so ashamed of our nation when these views about the disabled and poor are taken so seriously. I was also stunned that he can’t see a great job creating opportunity right in front of his face. Hello? Nurses, Doctors, EMTs?

3. I fucking hate the word “rolls.”