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Perfect Wayne!

Yesterday the #NRA called for armed police in every school in America. Okay. I ran the numbers.

$22,820,413,712 per year.

That’s $23 billion a year.  Every year. Not including costs dedicated for startup and training.


  1. Total Number of US K-12 schools in 2010 (National Center for Education Statistics): 132,656
  2. Number of Armed Police Officers per School: 2 (Assume extra curricular activities & summer school are worth keeping safe).
  3. Median Police Salary in 2010 per Bureau of Labor Statistics: $55,010 not including benefits (assume 1.35 increase for benefits)
  4. Cost of Shared Police Patrol Vehicle: $45,000
  5. Cost of two sets of  Anti-AR15 personnel armor: $19,000

Oh how silly of me. I forgot to include the costs of their new firearms. Clearly they must at least have an AR-15 to at least equal the firepower of their enemy combatant. How much is one of those? $1500 each. So 2 for each school. Plus ammo at $125 a box (let’s say four boxes) a school, so that adds $3500 per school (conservatively).

This adds another half a billion to cost ($464,297,000). Nice windfall for the gun manufacturers and their lobby, the NRA, eh?

OOPS.  The NRA mentioned “volunteer” guards as an option.  What a lovely scenario!  The evil government will get amazing reliable accountable professional dependable security, equipment, vehicles, and man-hours FOR FREE and wont have to spend a taxpayer dime, but the volunteers will still have to purchase the AR-15’s and ammo for the cool half a billion.

Perfect Wayne! Well played.